Mexico City, 1972

I enjoy exploring the concept of connection between the world's elements and mental introspection through  symbolism and abstraction.


As part of my artistic research, related to psychological and creative processes, I have studied the link between art and therapy. My art therapy courses include University of Florida and Yale University, through Coursera (2019) and the Multinational Workshop of Mexico City (2018).


I have specialized studies of painting, photography and contemporary art at Sotheby's Institute of Art, NY (2017), Antigua Academia de San Carlos (Faculty of Arts and Design) of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (2017), MoMA, and  Saúl Serrano Contemporary Art Center, in Mexico City (2016).

In my series Spirals, I express mental connection cycles through abstract images in the shape of a spiral. My technique involves expressive textures and colors through a creative process which is a sort of psychological automatism, linked in the history of art with a spiritual sensitivity explored by the various trends of abstract art, surrealism and minimalism.